GreenLab Skive a game changer in the industry

GreenLab Skive is a business park in Jutland, Denmark which creates unique advantages for companies actively working with energy storage and resource efficiency. Our ambitious goal is to become the leading centre for integrated sustainable energy.

Situated at the crossroads of the national Danish gas and electricity grids, this business park offers partners a superb location. Companies who set up at GreenLab Skive will have the added advantage of a symbiotic industrial network that exchanges surplus energy and resource streams for mutual benefit. This “Symbiosenet” is continually developed and operated to remain at the forefront of technology and sustainability.

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To become a partner in GreenLab Skive and thus become part of an innovative and creative business environment which focuses strongly on building the green energy systems of the future and your future business opportunities, please contact us.

GreenLab Skive is a part of EnergiFonden Skive. EnergiFonden Skive is a business fund which aims to foster green business development. The fund is registered with the Danish Business Authority.

For GreenLab Skive:

Visitor Address
Kåstrupvej 22
DK-7860 Spøttrup

Postal Address
Torvegade 10
DK-7800 Skive

CVR. no. 33599056.

Steen Harding Hintze
CEO / EnergiFonden Skive
+45 2179 0799

Christopher D. Sorensen
Commercial Director
+45 2532 0287

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truely a new approach to how we think about green energy, business and community development

By Peder Christian Kirkegaard - Mayor, Municipality of Skive

The Municipality of Skive aims to be a leading local authority worldwide in making the transition to renewable energy.

The declared goal is to become completely CO2-neutral by 2029, and one of the key instruments to achieving this is the development of the GreenLab Skive energy initiative.

By creating a unique green gas business environment we will achieve our political goal and create growth opportunities for the business community and our municipality.

Now it’s time to get started!


an important partnership

Energifonden Skive has a close partnership with Skive Municipality. A collaboration which is crucial for the development of GreenLab Skive. Click the link to read more.

time for changing the future of energy supply

The unique infrastructure allows the testing, demonstration and development of new full-scale products.

Moreover, GreenLab Skive offers a unique geographical location for the power-to-gas plant, two of Europe’s leading universities within the fields of biomass and renewable energy research within one hour’s drive, and a leading European business cluster in biomass.

On top of this a European BioRegion with a sound business and investment climate - one which was even chosen by Apple recently as a future location in order to enhance their green business profile.

GreenLab Skive also lies at the heart of the global wind turbine industry with companies such as Siemens and Vestas nearby.

- It’s all rather unique!