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high voltage and high-pressure gas transmission lines at your disposal

GreenLab Skive is located at the nexus of Denmark’s high voltage and high-pressure gas transmission lines. The site utilizes this advantage by connecting both as a consumer and supplier to the national grids. GreenLab Skive is therefore designing and building a fully integrated infrastructure for electrical, gas, fuels, thermal and data distribution within the GreenLab Skive business park.

The integrated infrastructure enables a symbiotic industrial network between the entities located i GreenLab Skive.  

The Symbiosenet will allow for optimization of energy and information transfer between the numerous differentiated energy sources on the site. This enables an efficient and more economical transfer between demand and supply of energy.

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To become a partner in GreenLab Skive and thus become part of an innovative and creative business environment which focuses strongly on building the green energy systems of the future and your future business opportunities, please contact us.

GreenLab Skive is a part of Energifonden Skive. Energifonden Skive is a business fund which aims to foster green business development. The fund is registered with the Danish Business Authority.

For GreenLab Skive:

Visitor Address
Kåstrupvej 22
DK-7860 Spøttrup

Postal Address
Torvegade 10
DK-7800 Skive

CVR. no. 33599056.

Steen Harding Hintze
CEO / EnergiFonden Skive
+45 2179 0799

Christopher D. Sorensen
Commercial Director
+45 2532 0287