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Smart Grid

it's all about balance

Balancing and optimizing the direct exchange of cyclical energy resources requires an intelligent software and controls system. GreenLab Skive is designed based on the best knowledge available which requires a well-executed and future proof integrated system.

Partners are invited to bring their most advanced systems, business models and global networks to enhance and advance the continuously improving GreenLab Skive platform.

Demand Response:
GreenLab Skive's integrated intelligent infrastructure enables many forms of demand-response operations between the various energy sources and uses on-site. It is a unique multifaceted platform for applying new forms of technology and business modeling to commercial operations and R&D pilots.

Partners are invited to join GreenLab Skive in testing, operating and globalizing demand-response models in a commercial environment where facilities are an integrated element of the technical platform.

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To become a partner in GreenLab Skive and thus become part of an innovative and creative business environment which focuses strongly on building the green energy systems of the future and your future business opportunities, please contact us.

GreenLab Skive is a part of Energifonden Skive. Energifonden Skive is a business fund which aims to foster green business development. The fund is registered with the Danish Business Authority.

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